Collection: Rania Beddah

Rania Beddah is an esteemed author specializing in literature for youth and children. She is the founder of the innovative “Stay Home and Listen to Hawadit (Stories)” initiative.

Her literary excellence was recognized with the prestigious 2023 Etisalat Award for her novel “Maryam’s Earring” in the Young People’s category. Additionally, her work “Shyamla” garnered the 2021 Sharjah Children’s Book Award, also in the Young People’s category.

Ms. Beddah has established “Rania’s Story,” a dynamic initiative that disseminates written and audiovisual narratives across Facebook and YouTube.

Her notable publications include a series of novels for young readers:

“Gabo101” 2024

“Maryam’s Earring”2023


All of which are published by the esteemed Nahdet Misr Group.

Picture Book

"Korei ga nalway" 2021 published by Alia publisher.

"Why Three?" 2023 Published by Ourjha publisher.